A new place (not much of a restart though)

Oh my, I feel discomfited by posting an entry after such a long time, please bare with me on the non-updating nonsense my life has turned into. One of the reasons I'm here is to explain myself on why I have been scarcely logging in on blogger/twitter/tumblr and any other social network for blockheads like me to spend time on.

For the past few months my boring life has taken turns on exciting/horrifying matters to, as what I recall, could only make one go insane and jump off a cliff to ease the stress away. Worry not, I wasn't able to find one myself and therefore, am still alive. Though it would be amazingly splendid to post an entry from beyond.

My family found this great house (by great I mean the rent control isn't crazy and for the time-being we can actually afford it), I packed all my odds and sods in boxes and send it all away to the new adress, I've spend the last two days trying to organize my new room and I'm not much of a person whose free time consists on exercising so, my body aches in all the tiny places we don't realize exist 'till we do such an arbitrary move.

This is my last week of classes in university, I have my finals due to friday and by saturday I will be free for the next two months (yay!) and probably will return to my blogging routine, one cannot simply wait until the time has come.

Enough prattling, I present you a small piece of my new room in which I'm actually typing this entry on and will spend the majority of the time from now on.

Excuse myself for the photograph, I've been developing quite an interest in yellow-ish tones and editing when it comes to mobile photography (if there is such a thing). If you're reading this particular paragraph I must salute you, brave knight! It's been a while since I've written something personal for pleasure and perhaps I've got carried away with it. lleave a comment so I can identify thee,whose bravery must be admired.

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